Alex + Sarah's Romantic Wedding // Dyersville, IL

bride and groom

I am a huge advocate of black and white images. If ever I could have captured an entire wedding in black and white, it would have been this one. What black and white images do is provoke emotion in us, because color is taken away there are no distractions, only moments, and the O’Connell wedding was full of them. There were tender moments alongside tons of fun, and some downright hilarious antics - what more could a photographer ask for?

bride getting ready with mom
Earring & Bracelet:  Kendra Scott

Earring & Bracelet: Kendra Scott

bride and groom kissing
groom grey suit
purple and white bridal bouquet
Hair and Makeup:  Oasis Salon & Spa

Hair and Makeup: Oasis Salon & Spa

dang, this is a good looking bridal group!

dang, this is a good looking bridal group!

hello gentlemen….

hello gentlemen….

bridal party

Alex & Sarah your day was truly full of love, laughter and happily ever after. Please enjoy this video I’ve put together to capture your day!

Vendors to thank:

shoutout to The Vine Productions — Videographers, a total blast to work with

Church: St. John’s

Reception: Dyersville Commercial Club Event Center

the vine productions videographer

Hein & Megan's Wedding // Davenport Country Club - Iowa

wedding picture on stone bridge

Hein & Megan’s wedding was packed with all kinds of amazing things. From Megan’s stunning dress (and let’s talk about those shoes) to their amazing ceremony and reception at the Davenport Country Club in Iowa.

wedding details, shoes, ring shots, bouquet
Girls Getting Ready-20.jpg

The ceremony was simple, yet elegant. A true reflection of the couple just wanted to be surrounded by their friends and family. Nothing else mattered other than the love they have for each other, and the love of those surrounding them.

wedding ceremony at the davenport country club

The most used word to describe Hein is “stoic.” He’s very even keel, until he gets around Megan - then he melts into her and becomes vulnerable. Megan, I hope you know how you are his whole world, and everyone can see it. Really, this is fairy tale love right?

bride and groom by bridge at the davenport country club
bride and groom davenport country club

Megan & Hein’s bridal party brought the party…I really was not prepared for the amount of shenanigans that we were going to encounter, it was nothing short of fun.

bridal party davenport Country Club

Wedding Flowers by Hannah were extraordinary

wedding flowers
wedding cake with purple flowers

There was so much about their day that I could go on and on about, but I think if you watch this slideshow you can relive this day all over again.

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Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup - How to Choose for Your Wedding Day

Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup Or should I say, the battle of the beauties?

Heather Ratliff - Freelance Make-up Artist Extraordinaire (Phil Dodd’s Photography)

Heather Ratliff - Freelance Make-up Artist Extraordinaire (Phil Dodd’s Photography)

When I got married 7 years ago, I discovered airbrush makeup for the first time. And if we’re being completely honest, it was the first time I’d ever had my makeup applied professionally. Now that I’ve been in the makeup industry for almost 5 years and have experienced wearing both options, I thought it may be helpful to share my thoughts between the two after doing a little research for my brides as well.

Phill Dodds Photography

Phill Dodds Photography

Truthfully, airbrushed and traditional makeup have their own set of pros & cons. So let’s discuss the differences first, and then dig into some ways to determine what is best for you and your needs? At the end of the day, I want you to feel confident in a decision that works best for you!

Airbrush makeup is specially formulated to be applied with an airbrush gun and makeup air compressor. From my experience, it feels like a soft mist and holds up like a charm. and is applied in thin layers to the skin. This allows for the smooth, even finish that is highly desirable. It is very lightweight, when applied properly and tends to last all-day, up to 15 hours of wear time most report. Silicone-based foundations are waterproof, which is also ideal for those hot wedding days, or the teary-eyed bride. Traditional makeup, on the other hand, involves the use of liquid, cream, or powdered foundations that are applied with a range of application tools including sponges, brushes, etc. The makeup artist uses her expertise to decide which medium will work best with the client’s skin to give them their desired finish. The wear time is all-day as well when using primers, setting powders, setting sprays, etc.

So now that we know both traditional and airbrush makeup are formulated for all-day wear, let’s look at the pros and cons of each in a quick summary to help you decide which best fits your needs:

Iron & Lace Photography

Iron & Lace Photography

AIRBRUSH: * Pros- long-lasting, even finish, if silicone-based, provides water-proof finish, lightweight finish, suitable in all temperatures

* Cons- not ideal for dry skin or mature women as product is more prone to settle into fine lines and cling to dry spots,limited shade options for ideal matching, may not hide all imperfections, difficult to re-blend once dried, typically more expensive

Fieldstone Photography

Fieldstone Photography

TRADITIONAL: * Pros- Comes in a range of formulations to best suit wide-range of skin types, more options for shade matching, fuller coverage possible, all-day wear, preferred for women with mature skin, more affordable

* Cons- dependent on products and skill of makeup artist, may not be entirely waterproof, application is more lengthy Ultimately, the makeup you end up choosing should be based on your skin concerns. At the end of the day, the makeup artist you choose will have their own preferences regarding which application and products they use, we all do. So my best advice is to choose airbrush or traditional application based on your skin type, and then research your makeup artists from there. I highly recommend having a consult and/or trial with your artist if you are still unsure of which option to go with. I actually require a trial for all my brides as this helps me ensure a stress-free, flawless day wedding for you by giving you the confidence in knowing how your makeup will look and hold up beforehand. I hope this helps in your decision-making, and that I was able to answer any questions you may have had relating to this topic! If not, please feel free to shoot me a message anytime, and I’d be happy to offer any assistance!

-Heather S Ratliff